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Celebrity Endorsements

I'm Sorry, But You're In The Wrong Line: The Presidential Campaign's 10 Most Surprising Celebrity Endorsements
Posted at 9:00 AM Oct 21, 2008

By Kenny Herzog

Yes, we know, you're all still reeling from NCDSUV finally throwing its support behind a presidential candidate, in the form of viral-superstar-in-the-making Eric Elvis. OK, maybe it was that whole Colin Powell bombshell that's had your jaws slacked. But fuck that guy. (What? It's not like if he wanted to hunt me down and kill me he'd be able to find the murder weapon. Ohhhh, snap.)

Even if by and large, the lines drawn amongst high-profile supporters are never as dramatic in the general election, there's been some genuinely weird-ass celebrity endorsements this campaign season, and here's the 10 that have surprised us the most.

10. Deepak Chopra
Threw His Weight Behind: Barack Obama
Should We Have Seen This Coming? You would think that the basic tenets of capitalism would appeal to a self-help guru more than most famous folks. And as such ideologies go, Obama's damn-near a Commie.
Chances He Will Swing Voters: About as likely as he and Tony Robbins squaring off for our highest office in 2012.

9. Jon Voight
Threw His Weight Behind: John McCain
Should We Have Seen This Coming? There's a reason he and daughter Angelina Jolie have had their ups and downs. This guy's clearly got an air of humorlessness about him. Still, it no doubt hurts an entire generation's inner hippie to see the star of Midnight Cowboy ride off into his twilight years on an elephant with Sarah Palin's name. Then again, most of his fellow boomers have ballooned with self-interested glut in the ensuring years anyhow.
Chances He Will Swing Voters: Name association with his much-coveted kin might actually create a kneejerk twinge of novelty interest in McCain, which is all the more reason for Jolie to start stumping for Obama pronto.

8. Anne Rice
Threw Her Weight Behind: Barack Obama.
Should We Have Seen This Coming? One just assumed that with her proclivity for the undead, McCain would be her kinda guy.
Chances She Will Swing Voters: The author may influence a segment of voters who happen to be swingers, but it's highly unlikely the Repubs will lose any blood over this one.

7. Rage Against The Machine
Threw Their Weight Behind: The Troops
Should We Have Seen This Coming? Sad a commentary on our counterculture as it may be, Rage are probably commercial radio's most radical monarchs, so no one should have been bowled over by their threats to both candidates over immediate withdrawal of armed forces from Iraq.
Chances They Will Swing Voters: It's highly unlikely many Rage fans have evolved beyond surface liberal sloganeering, but this is more or less a general statement for either candidate to take into consideration post-election anyway. Or else, ya know, they'll be real mad and stuff.

6. Wilfred Brimley
Threw His Considerable Girth Behind: John McCain
Should We Have Seen This Coming? I have no idea, but Quaker Oats will never quite taste the same again.
Chances He Will Swing Voters: Since neither candidate is really running on the incontinence platform, Brimley's effect should be drastically less culturally impacting than his moustache.

5. Eli Roth
Threw His Weight Behind: Barack Obama
Should We Have Seen This Coming? Sure, the Hostel/Cabin Fever director may seem like a hip, teenager-friendly young member of Hollywood elite, but his films also resurrected an era of horror cinema with creepily conservative subtexts ("if you have sex and do drugs, you will die a horrible fucking death, you walking PSA shithead").
Chances He Will Swing Voters: Over a pool of shit and piss while suspended from a meathook by their necks? Very likely.

4. Daddy Yankee
Threw His Weight Behind: John McCain
Should We Have Seen This Coming? Well, he is a fairly self-obsessed, bling-adorning reggaeton superstar, so in that regard an acknowledgment of fiscal conservatism could be understandable. But it's Daddy's whole rationale about McCain being pro-immigration and Hispanic-friendly that left his fan base befuddled.
Chances He Will Swing Voters: This will likely be moreof a self-injurious career move than a poll-booster for The Maverick.

3. Maria Shriver
Threw Her Gaunt Frame Behind: Barack Obama
Should We Have Seen This Coming? Probably. But her history as a conscientious journalist dating back to the days when conservative cable networks weren't the norm, and her personal voting record, have been a tad bit obscured by her husband's (albeit somewhat liberally) conservative tenure over California.
Chances She Will Swing Voters: This is one for McCain to be afraid of. Very afraid. Especially since if he makes any disparaging remarks about her and makes it to office, Ah-Nuld will be back... and will terminate his $5,000 refundable tax credit's applicability on the Left Coast.

2. Young Jeezy
Threw His Bling Behind: McCain, Er, He Meant Obama
Should We Have Seen This Coming? Which part? The dirty South rapper's eventually conclusive support of Barack or his initial sidling up to McCain on SNL, in a bizarrely misguided stab at his own cross-demographic pandering? Surely, the former would have been more readily anticipated.
Chances He Will Swing Voters: Well, it's sort of moot now, but he's just lucky his PR righted the damage-control ship in time for his album's release.

1. Joe Eszterhas
Threw His Weight Behind: John McCain
Should We Have Seen This Coming? Yeah... all over McCain's face. Or at least that what you'd expect given the Basic Instinct/Showgirls/Jade/Flashdance scribe's resume and reputation.
Chances He Will Swing Voters: Something tells me McCain's camp is going nowhere near Eszterhas and his gesture of goodwill. Or at least not without a jizz mopper.

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